Managing Mindsets – Applying the Cultural Advantage in your Business
& The Cultural Advantage – A New Model for Succeeding with Global Teams

Managing Mindsets

A co-production of accredited associates

Applying the Cultural Advantage in your Business
Mijnd Huijser & Danaë Huijser
A Culture & Management Consulting publication, the Netherlands, 2016
First published by Ayn Press, the Netherlands, 2011

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Cultural diversity enriches the business world as well as society. Yet, the cultural advantage does not always arise spontaneously. Twelve real-life cases show the bumpy road to better understanding culture’s ways.

The cases are presented by ten cross-cultural experts, whose daily work amounts to managing mindsets. Authors Mijnd Huijser and Danaë Huijser analyse each case, using the highly practical Model of Freedom to interpret cultural behaviour.

Professionals in the international arena, who are involved in change processes, personal growth, conflict resolution, recruitment, social integration or mergers and acquisitions, will benefit from the practitioners’ perspectives in this book.

Contributions by:
Irina Braun, Michael Braun, Ellen Grünefeld, Frieda Kruiderink, Nobuo Nishikawa, Susanne Rieger, Barry Rogers, Hajo Specht, Daniela Yarnold, and Stephan Rey.

Engaging, inspiring and surprising. Enjoy! – Dr. Ron Meyer, Professor Corporate Strategy, TiasNimbas Business School, Tilburg, the Netherlands

This book presses the right button on many issues from which classic cross-cultural theory shies away – Dr. Jehad Al-Omari, Management Consultant in the Middle East

A must for all managers in a multinational environment – Dr. Günther Böllert, Manager Talent Solutions, West Europe 3M Corporation

Inciting readers to self-reflection and open mindedness – Remy Mols, Human Resources Manager, Shimano Europe Holding BV

The Cultural Advantage

A New Model for Succeeding with Global Teams
Mijnd Huijser
Ayn Press, The Netherlands, 4th print 2010
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It is all too common for people in international groups to misunderstand each other, either in a spectacular fashion or, more often, a subtle way that impedes progress. With over 13 years of training international and intercultural groups, Mijnd Huijser has developed, tested and refined a powerful tool that helps overcome the obstacles inherent in global teams. While most of the experience comes from multinational organizations, the insights are applicable on a national level, an organizational level and even a small unit level when differing cultures cooperate. Mijnd’s Model of Freedom provides a visual and practical method for understanding oneself and others, converting tension to energy and leveraging the advantage of culture.

“The Cultural Advantage reads like a novel whilst exposing the reader to a robust and actionable methodology. Following a case study throughout the book was very useful in helping to integrate the knowledge learned with real-life experiences. Mijnd has brought all his passion and experience into this book. I will definitively recommend it to everybody dealing with global businesses.” – Philippe de Jongh, Capability Development Director, Global Supply Management, Unilever

“In The Cultural Advantage, Mijnd puts in writing what he has been teaching at 3M over the past 8 years. I just can’t see how people would be able to work successfully in a global environment without this kind of knowledge. His work has become a very important and integral part of our education and training concept.” – Reza Vaziri, Business Director Automotive Markets, 3M Europe and Middle East